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Catalonia crisis: what next?

Catalonia crisis: what next?

Political experts help us make sense of the drama.… READ MORE ...

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The History of Catalonia

Interested in why many Catalans consider themselves apart from wider Spanish society and want an independent state? Perhaps finding out about their history ...

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Catalonia Independence Referendum Explained

Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain that has been in the news recently after it held an independence referendum on the 1st of October, despite ...

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What does Quim Torra’s election mean for Catalonia?

Catalonia's new leader elected by the region's parliament is described as a hardline separatist who has vowed to continue the struggle for independence from ...

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Catalonia pro-independence parties secure absolute majority in parliament

Pro-independence parties have again secured an absolute majority in the Catalan parliament, with former regional leader Carles Puigdemont poised to regain ...

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Should Catalonia be independent from Spain? - The Stream

In the latest twist in a high stakes confrontation between Spain's central government and its prosperous Catalonia region, the government has summoned more ...

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BREAKING NEWS: Catalonia Declares Independence - BBC News

The Catalan regional parliament has voted to declare independence from Spain, just as the Spanish government appears set to impose direct rule. The move ...

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Spain Catalonia Referendum Crisis, What happening in Spain, Why Catalonia asking Independence(Hindi)

We all know something happening in Spain and Catalonia who is part of Spain now asking for Independence and also people and politicians from Catalonia did ...

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Difficult talks are starting after Catalonia's election

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said he will discuss the issue of Catalan independence with whoever becomes the new leader of the Catalan government.

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The Truth About Catalonia Independence Movement

The Catalonia,Spain Independence Movement Explained. Subscribe to FTD Facts: http://bit.ly/SubscribeFtdFacts Latest Uploads: ...

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Catalonia's referendum explained | World

Subscribe to FT.com here: http://bit.ly/2r8RJzM The Spanish region of Catalonia is set to vote on October 1 on whether to become an independent state. The FT ...

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🇪🇸 'Our struggle is peaceful': Catalonia 'Republic Now' march draws thousands | Al Jazeera English

Police say 45000 independence supporters have marched in Barcelona, demanding the formation of a new Catalan government. Madrid has blocked the moves ...

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Help Catalonia. Save Europe.

What's happening here, in Catalonia, is not an internal Spanish affair. It concerns to each and every European citizen. Share this video with your friends, family ...

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Catalonia make up or break up: Polls too close to call

There's an anxious wait ahead of Thursday's election in Catalonia, which could decide the region's future. Madrid called the snap vote after pro-secession ...

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Pro-Catalonia independence protest in Barcelona

Pro-independence demonstrators march in Barcelona calling for the liberation of \

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11-May-18 TV News: 'Catalonia braces itself for key presidential debate'

There are less than 24 hours to go for the debate to pick a new president. Vying for the post is Quim Torra, an independent candidate who only joined politics ...

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Catalonia's Election: Young People in Spain Vote for the First Time

Catalonia's declaration of independence pushed Spain into uncharted waters, and the national government called new elections in the region. With tens of ...

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Catalonia: Is this really the start of a new country? BBC Stories

Ricard lives in Manlleu, a small town 80km from Barcelona, in the heart of Catalonia. The majority of people there are pro Catalan independence. After an illegal ...

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Field of Vision - 44 Messages from Catalonia

In 2017, the citizens of Catalonia voted to become an independent state. The referendum was then deemed illegal in Spain's constitutional court. Through ...

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What now for Catalonia?

Catalans give their reaction to the region's inconclusive election result. … READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2017/12/22/what-now-for-catalonia- What ...

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’A slap in the face’ for Madrid: Puigdemont hails Catalonia election win

Catalan pro-independence parties have held their majority in snap regional elections, dealing a severe blow to the Spanish government, which had called the ...

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Catalonia election campaigns set to end

Campaigning for Catalonia's snap parliamentary election is drawing to a close. Catalans head to the polls on Thursday for a vote that could decide if their ...

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Catalonia: Spain withdraws Puigdemont arrest warrant - BBC News

A Spanish judge has withdrawn an international arrest warrant for the former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and four other ministers. They fled to ...

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Catalonia Open 2nd round 2017/18

Review all the highlights of second round of Catalonia Open 2017/2018 played 5th and 6th of May. Subscribe here for more Table Tennis videos: ...

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Puigdemont wants to run Catalonia via Skype

Carles Puigdemont, the former Catalan president deposed after the referendum, says he could run the region via Skype, or through a special representative.

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Catalonia separatists seek to restore exiled leader Puigdemont

In Catalonia, new and returning members of the regional parliament have met for the first time since snap elections in December. But there is still uncertainty ...

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Trump: \

US President Donald Trump, asked about a referendum in Catalonia, said that \

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Spanish FM on Catalonia: 'We may have been naive' | DW English

Why has Spain failed to prevent its worst and most predictable crisis in decades? Tim Sebastian meets Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis on Conflict Zone this ...

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Catalonia independence bid struggles as more leaders arrested | Al Jazeera English

With three of its leaders behind bars, Catalonia has not been able to elect a president. To fix that, the region's parliament has voted to allow politicians who have ...

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Catalonia: Separatists retain majority

Celebrations on both sides of Catalonia's political divide.… READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2017/12/22/catalonia-separatists-retain-majority What are ...

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A walking tour around Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. Official website and blog: http://globetrotteralpha.com/ Join ...

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